Customer Satisfaction Surveys – A Missing Ingredient For Small Business

Every business should have a customer satisfaction / loyalty survey.  Small businesses, this includes you as well.  While popular ways for small businesses to get customer feedback including informal customer conversations and listening to customer complaints may be cheap and easy, they simply don’t give you enough information and may not be representative of your overall customer base.  In other words, the needs of the “squeaky wheels” might not be the same as your overall customer base.  More importantly, they may not be the same as your most profitable customer base.

Customer satisfaction surveys allow you to ask about a broad range of topics.  They let you see what problems need to be addressed right now and if your latest improvement efforts are working.  They can also give you new ideas on what types of products or services your customers would like to you offer in the future.

Launching a satisfaction survey isn’t too difficult and can be very valuable, but there are some common pitfalls you’ll want to avoid when starting out.  Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll address some best practices and things to avoid in your customer satisfaction survey.  Until next time, thank you for reading.

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