Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Top Money Wasters – Part 2 of 3

My last post talked about how companies could throw their money away with Google advertising if they don’t use geo-targeting.  The good news there is that at least it’s a bit obvious when you set up your Google campaigns that geo-targeting is an option and it’s pretty intuitive.  Mistake #2 is not quite as obvious.

Mistake #2:  Not using Negative Keywords.  If you are an architect in Seattle, you might be interested in paying for a term like “Seattle architect”.  Would you also like to pay for “Seattle architect careers” or “Seattle architect classes”?  Almost certainly not.  However, there are restaurants out there paying to attract people looking for free recipes and dentists paying to attract people looking for dentist approved toothbrushes.  That’s where Negative Keywords come in.

Negative keywords are terms that you tell Google and the other search engines you specifically don’t want.  In my examples above, you might include the words job, career, degree, classes, landmarks, and dozens or even hundreds of other terms.  Much like geo-targeting, it’s not a complicated concept to understand, but if you don’t use it, you’re throwing your advertising budget out the window.

The last mistake in the series is coming up soon – Overusing Broad Match.  Until then, thank you for reading.

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