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At Small Business Marketing Group, we understand that small businesses need to run as efficiently as possible. There is no better place to exercise the 80/20 rule. Small Business Marketing Group is here to help companies implement basic marketing programs well. Weíre experienced marketing generalists, so we donít force any one specialty into your company if itís not a good fit. Our goal is to understand your business, your goals, and where we can best help you improve. If that sounds good to you, give us a call.

Jeremy Farkas has eight years of marketing, project management, and consulting experience with companies like Expedia, Inc., Washington Mutual, and KPMG LLP. He has experience in numerous areas of marketing including direct mail, search engine marketing, market research, marketing strategy, and more. Jeremy holds an MBA from the University of Washington with a concentration in Marketing and a BS in Accounting from Lehigh University. He is on the board of the Puget Sound Research Forum and is a member of the Seattle Direct Marketing Association.

Mark Hoben has over thirteen years of marketing strategy, Web design and marketing communications experience with companies including Expedia, Inc. and Metropolitan Travel. In addition to designing and developing dozens of Web sites, Mark has extensive experience in designing effective email communications, sales collateral development, business communications and identity development.

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